Cemetrics LLC, is a forward looking/forward leaning, multidisciplined, independent management consultancy in its 21st year of continuous operation. Cemetrics enables clients in transforming or re-engineering selected Processes and Behaviors to align with targeted business objectives, and current and emerging

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise MBE SBD Certified

Collaborative, Value Driven & Outcomes Based


The quality of the Discovery/Problem Statement process to determine client desired Outcomes and Deliverables.


Determines what human and technical resources are required t relevant standards, knowledge base(s) and


The integrity of the methodology for Solutions Development including data collection, data analysis, and collation; and development of Key Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

Project Methodology

Determines what Talent and Technology EcoPartners to implement Project

Who We Are

By design, the firm’s scalable business model intentionally utilizes a core professional team enhanced by a Talent ECO Partner bench model for both internal operations as determined by the firm’s needs, and client engagements/projects as determined by the client’s scope of work and deliverables to develop and deliver its solutions across all areas of practice while maintaining a best in class fixed cost posture.

We depend on our Technology EcoPartners to broker, manufacture, and distribute automation platforms, innovative products, and environmentally sustainable solutions.  Their dedication enables our ability to repeatedly exceed our client’s expectations.

Business Group

An Ecosphere of Success

The 'Cemetrics 360 Quality Management Ecosphere' model enables us to offer industry-leading organizational methodologies, impeccable service, and a scalable cost framework that places our services in reach of any organization that desires transformation.  Cemetrics is positioned to provide the most appropriate talents and technologies to address client-specific scopes of work. Contact us today for further details.